I made the first big lifestyle change and sold my truck. It’s been two weeks now without my truck and this morning I woke up to a few inches of fresh snow on the ground. Not only did selling the truck instantly knock three thousand dollars off of our debt but it is also a test of my determination to achieve our dream. The sooner we can start living as cheaply and simply as possible the sooner we will be able to set sail. We can also make sure we are up to a lifestyle with far fewer conveniences.

Even before deciding to start selling our belongings and saving to go cruising I had wanted to try getting by without a vehicle. I have tested the idea a few times and left the truck sitting in the driveway for a couple weeks and ridden all times of year and in all kinds of weather. Living in Colorado we definitely experience all kinds of weather. Besides the obvious money savings this will provide it is also a healthier lifestyle (no need for working out at the gym when you are biking 12 or so miles every day), it is better for the environment and I enjoy it.

Getting out of bed 20 minutes earlier so I can bike to work at 6 in the morning was difficult when I had the option of sleeping in and just hopping in the truck. Now that it is not an option it’s really not that hard to do. Providing I allow myself enough time and dress properly I almost always enjoy my early morning ride regardless of the weather.

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