Fall is definitely here and this week I’ve been keeping warm in the house, devising money saving-schemes and reflecting on the past summer. For the past four months that we’ve been living together, our strategy has been to spend as little as possible. But since that isn’t very specific, we’ve ended up making exceptions for home improvement projects and mini-vacations. Those things are very easy for me to justify, but they add up fast. The home projects were definitely necessary, but we have thousands of dollars of work left to do on the house and yard. We’ll have to set aside money for improvements and make a plan according to which projects are most important, and will most increase the value of the house.

Getting out of the city for a few days is very important to us, but there must be a way to make backpacking less expensive. In fact, it seems like it should just be free. But I guess if you don’t want to freeze to death or collapse from exhaustion you have to purchase the right equipment. It would be nice if while we’re hoarding our money, we’ll still be able to visit family and explore new places. But since the whole need for money arises out of a desire to see the world, our travel during the next few years might have to be limited.

One thing that really did save us a lot of money this summer was starting our very first vegetable garden. We had no idea what we were doing, but we ended up with a hearty amount of tomatoes, soy beans, acorn squash, green peppers, salad greens, and herbs. The start-up costs were minimal. We built raised beds in the backyard and started most of the veggies from seed. Our cherry tomatoes have now taken over our patio. Hopefully it wasn’t just beginners luck and we’ll have plentiful produce again next season.

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