One of the quickest ways we thought we could make some extra cash without taking on second jobs, was selling stuff we no longer need (meanwhile benefiting from the feng shui of an uncluttered house).

Having never had a well paying job and being very afraid of credit card debt, I don’t have much of value. But I do have issues with throwing things away. I know that as soon as something is gone, I will find the perfect crafty idea to reuse it. I could get rid of some little things at a garage sale, but our last attempt didn’t yield much profit.

Jon on the other hand, has a smorgasbord of items that someone might actually buy. He has a little problem with buying big toys. Until recently he had: 3 kayaks, 3 or 4 bicycles, 3 skateboards, a guitar, a bass guitar, a violin, a mandolin, a truck, a motorcycle, and an old 21 foot sailboat that lives in New York. Over the last few months a lot of these things have been sold. The latest item up for sale is the thing that, for him, signifies our commitment to go sailing: his trusty Ford truck. There’s no turning back now. I’m sure he’ll have plenty to say as winter approaches about biking to work everyday in less than ideal weather.

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