Jon and I both independently came to the conclusion that we need some sort of goal to work toward right now that can be achieved a little sooner than the Cruising-Within-Four-Years dream. It occurred to me when I decided that I want to open my own etsy store this year, that it really feels good to have a large but relatively short-term goal again. I was crafting like a crazy person before the wedding, but felt a little lost afterward as to how to spend all my new found free time. Now with an achievable outcome in sight I’m much more motivated to practice my sewing and pattern-making skills.

Jon has been saying for awhile that it’s hard for him to stay motivated to attain something so far in the future, and needs something to keep himself occupied in the meantime. Since he’s been without a car for almost a year and half now, he has rediscovered his love of biking. He is going to start training for the Leadville 100 bike race this August, or any number of other races if his number isn’t drawn for that one.

The big challenge then becomes, sticking to our budget and saving a ton of money for our far-off dream and not justifying spending all kinds of money on our new short term projects! Plus, we’re both kind of “jack of all trades, master of none” types, so we shouldn’t go blowing a bunch of money on one of our hobbies, when who knows which one we’ll want to focus on next year.

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