As part of our 2011 plan to pursue some short-term goals, I signed up for and just started yoga teacher training. From what I can gather about the requirements of training, I will be at the yoga studio whenever I’m not at work or asleep.So, that thing I said about starting an Etsy shop to occupy myself and make some extra money? Forget about that.

Maybe teaching yoga is something I will be able to do as we travel to feed the cruising kitty, or at least can provide additional funds while we’re preparing to leave. Yoga has been the only form of exercise I’ve found that I actually enjoy. Or to put it a little more accurately, I absolutely hate working out, and yoga is something I enjoy that happens to be considered exercise. Instead of feeling like a chore, it reminds me of how much I used to love ballet.

Since we’ve been focusing so much on saving money, we had enough to cover the training. It’s a rather impulsive decision, I admit, (let’s spend all the money!) but it just feels right. So umm, Namaste?

One thought on “Boat Yoga?”

  1. Great videos. I married a girl from Denver 29 years ago. We are planning to sail away in the near future.

    Videos and stories are great. Need to join Patreon so you can get the cruising kitty funded by these great adventures. Cut the lengths of them down to 6-8 minutes to keep our interests. Post 2 a month, and your in the money.

    Can't wait for the next ones.

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