We finished our bathroom remodel at about the same time as our Thanksgiving dinner was ready. It was a little bit stressful cooking a huge meal while construction was going on and company was due over within the hour.

The only before photos I could find are these:

Then these are the next shots, right in the middle of demo:

 It was an interesting week or so, being intermittently without a toilet.

Here you can see we’ve made a little bit of progress:

 Our bathroom expanded into our office. Along with all of the tools in the house.

Sometime around 1:30am on a Thursday night while we tried to finish grouting our new shower tile, I started crying. But I kept working anyway. Even Penny fell victim to the construction chaos this time.

As always it was well worth it, and looks ten times better than it did when we started. But since there is no evidence to offer of what it looked like before, you’ll just have to take my word for it.


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