Little did I know, the first time we remodeled our kitchen was not going to be the last. Before our wedding in 2010, we bought new appliances, moved some doorways, and upgraded our counter top and flooring, so I thought our kitchen had successfully been updated (with the exception of that lime green paint).


But after much debate and resistance on my part, we decided that we weren’t done. If we wanted to get the maximum payoff from selling our house, we would need to put in new cabinets. Also, we weren’t happy with the tile floor as the grout was continually cracking because the floor moves so much, and ripping out the cabinets would also mean we would need a new counter top. So, after my last ditch attempt to keep our costs low by only replacing the cabinet doors turned out to be more trouble than it was worth, we were off to Ikea for new cabinets.

Jon took another week off of work and with his brother’s help they also tackled some of the other little projects around the house. It didn’t take nearly as long as our first go round. By the end of the week it was mostly complete other than waiting for our butcher block counter top to come in the following week and then putting up the tin back splash. Below is the end result. Looking at it now I can’t believe I thought it was finished the first time.



We also added in a pantry closet where there was just empty space above the stairs in the mudroom and Jon built a stair railing to replace the wall that had been there before.



Oh, and here’s a fun one of how the house looked during construction:

I don’t know why I am incapable of taking photos before we start ripping things apart, but this video provides a tour of this part of the house from Penny’s perspective.


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  1. I know someone just like you, with high standards for their home and on a quest for continuous improvement! The person who who buys your house will be very lucky indeed – the kitchen's simply stunning! Your home improvement ideas are inspirational and what a great idea to give us a tour from the dog's perspective, bless her.

    Lisa @ Westinghouse Small Appliances

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