At long last, boat
shopping has commenced and may already be almost over. Looking at photographs and reading up on the specifications has given us a good idea of what to expect, but is nothing compared to seeing potential boats in person, sitting inside and imagining ourselves out on the water.
The first boat we looked at was a little disappointing as it felt more neglected than we had anticipated, but seeing it first led us to really appreciate the condition of the second boat we just inspected. We’re off to Camden, ME now to see if we can get a peek at our third Southern Cross. 

Although it’s been almost two months since we quit our jobs, it still feels like we’re only on vacation. It hasn’t even been a week since we left Colorado but hopefully we’re very close to finding our new home. As soon as we decide on the best boat, we will make an offer and set up an inspection. We’re hoping the process moves a whole lot faster than a real estate transaction so that we can move aboard and start learning how to turn this surreal vacation into our new lifestyle.

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