We are finally on the road. With our car dragging under the weight of all of our possessions, our trip is starting to feel real. It is certainly bittersweet to be leaving Colorado, and this morning leaving the home where we spent the first five and a half years of our lives together just felt sad. The feeling of loss is somewhat alleviated in knowing that our home’s new owners are good people who will love the house as much as we have, and surely fit in well in the little corner of the universe that up until today was affectionately known as “our neighborhood.”

I had anticipated nothing but relief  in selling our house after all of the time and frustration spent ripping the house apart and putting it back together in seemingly endless configurations. But as we prepared to drive away, the sense of leaving our home was overpowering. I’m comforted by the thought of building our new home, the one we’ve been dreaming about for so long and that with any luck will take us anywhere we want to go. But until then I’m reminded that as long as we’re together, I am always home.

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