It’s 4:45am and I am
awake watching the sunrise from aboard Reprise in Rockport Harbor, ME, which is a testament to just how excited I
am to be here. Some first impressions of our first night on the boat:

  1. This is just as amazing as I
    hoped it would be. It is also just as daunting as I feared.
  2. Did I just volunteer to ride
    on the spinning teacups for a length of time not measured in minutes? I
    wouldn’t say that I was gently rocked to sleep by the waves last night.
  3. There are at least two
    mosquitos here. There are also only about two things on this boat that I
    know how to work, out of infinity.
  4. Yep, it can get very foggy
    here indeed.
  5. Despite the relatively ample
    space on our boat, I may spend the next few months (years?) covered in
    bruises from running into things.
  6. We might have brought too
    much stuff. We did already manage to bring three baby boat loads of it
    onto the mothership without getting ourselves or anything else wet. Though
    the car looks just as full as it did yesterday.
  7. Again, this is awesome.

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