After two lessons
and some practice picking up a mooring ball and docking the boat under power,
we felt brave enough yesterday to raise the sails and take this beast out of
its burrow. It went quite well. Only four things in the cabin went flying from
their perches, and only one to its doom. 
We didn’t hit any rocks, lobster pots, or other potential hazards, and
we both felt pretty comfortable. I guess it would be more accurate to say, Jon
felt very comfortable sailing the boat. I felt mostly comfortable with my few
practiced tasks but not so much steering under sail; that triumphant day has
not yet arrived. But that is why we’re getting joyous, wonderful,
worth-every-penny lessons.

We haven’t been
sleeping remarkably well because of the aforementioned rock and roll harbor. As
a result I’ve been feeling a little bit like a zombie most days, but last night
we both slept soundly through the night. In addition to the near constant side-to-side
motion, the other hindrance to a good night’s sleep had been the sound of our
dinghy crashing against our boat as the wind and the tide (and seemingly its
mood) changed. Usually this would happen right at the moment where I had almost drifted off to sleep, and then – BANG!
– continuing sporadically until morning. So last night Jon added some padding
around the rail of the dinghy which seems to have considerably lessened that
irritation for now.
Adding some
cushioning to the dinghy is just one out of a growing list of repairs and
changes to accomplish before we leave. I read a theory yesterday that the
common thread linking all sailors is a love of problem solving. I would say
that rings true for us as well, and that without a lot of different kinds of
problems to solve we get bored. So from that perspective, it’s a blessing that
living on this boat will be rife with possibility to indulge in many forms of
creative problem solving.
Look at that, I just
found a way to turn the huge gap in our resumes into a highly desirable job

3 thoughts on “Well, I’m sailiiiiiing…”

    1. Okay, we finally did it! Although no one has directly heckled us, we did get to listen to some guy strongly disparaging another boater who he felt was going too fast. Though it was rather tame by Tommy Boy standards as it is apparently illegal to swear on the VHF.

  1. So glad Jon was able to amend the dinghy somewhat. Perhaps you could hire Wynken, Blyken and Nod for a few lessons as well or maybe I should send some Sweet Dreams Sleep Balm and Spritzer ;0

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