We officially
renamed our boat and after much prodding by Ashley, I am finally writing a
post. The boat formerly known as Reprise,
and before that Witchcraft, and even
before that Savannah, is now Baby Blue. Ashley had quite a list of possible
name choices but after much debate and trying out a few, this is the one that
stuck.  While much of the canvas on the
boat and our sail covers are light blue, the real inspiration for the name came
from the Bob Dylan song of a similar title and even though I liked Rolling Stone it didn’t seem appropriate for
something that we hope will stay afloat.
Though we are not
very superstitious, and somewhere I have read that it is not bad luck to rename
a boat as long as it was not named after a woman, we felt there should be some
form of renaming ceremony. So when the new decals arrived we made a point to clean
the boat thoroughly inside and out and picked up a bottle of champagne. After
the old name was scraped off and the new one stuck in place we splashed a
little Cooks over the bow, saving  the
rest for ourselves, made a quick toast 
and called it good. So here’s to Baby
Blue, may she take us far.

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