Jon keeps saying,
“We’ve seen so many cool things already.” So here is  a list of stuff we’ve seen in Maine. Some of
the numbers are less accurate than others.
0 confirmed sharks
(but 1 alleged)
1 green snake
2 bald eagles
3 nature preserves
4 day long
anarchist/hippie island gathering
5 drunken fisherman
6 lighthouses
7 million lobster
8 cormorants
9 puffins floating
10 calling loons
11 porpoise families
12 seal faces
and a ship freshly
wrecked on some rocks.

And now for some photos:

 Indian Head Lighthouse
A cemetery in the middle of the woods on near Castine, ME.
 Look, a seal face.

 Duck Harbor, Isle au Haut
Full moon…Smith Cove, Castine

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