Two weeks ago we drove back to New York to attend Jon’s friend’s wedding in Troy. Before we left we stopped by Camden during the Windjammer Festival to check out the wooden schooner built over 18 years by one of our new friends. It was a privilege to go aboard such a remarkably crafted boat and soak up more advice from a couple who has traveled the Intracoastal Waterway.

The wedding on the following day was a ridiculously good time. It was nice to have a reason to ditch our usual grubby clothes in favor of our finest and spoil ourselves with food and drink. As evidenced by the fact that Jon danced with me for at least five songs, one of us may have had too much

We had said that we would stay in New York until all of our packages arrived, but it ended up taking longer for me to finish sewing our rather experimental mast ladder. At about 12 hours behind the machine, I had a really good excuse to get addicted to Game of Thrones. It was tempting to change our itinerary to – we will leave after we finish season three of Game of Thrones – whilst consuming more ice cream and long showers, but instead I had the ladder finished and we left after season two.

We headed back to Rockport with the missing parts for the self-steering wind vane we found on Craigslist, spare parts for the engine, my foul weather jacket, a back up water tank, a chart book for the Intracoastal Waterway, and care packages of food from both of our mothers 🙂 ready to prepare the boat in earnest for an end of the month departure from Maine.


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