The morning after we
arrived in Provincetown we spent a couple hours putting the boat back together,
then went to go find out what the damage was for spending the night on the
rental mooring. We found out while asking around about moorings that most of the
boating crowd clears out after Labor Day, hence the mostly empty harbor that
surprised us when we pulled in. Because the harbor was shutting down for the
season, when we found the guy in charge of our mooring he told us not to worry
about paying the nightly fee. We were very grateful to save the $45 and went
off to anchor for the remainder of our stay.
Depending on the
time of the day the streets were still full of life despite the cooling fall
weather. Many shops and restaurants had already closed down for the season, and
we were disappointed not to be able to get a burger from Burger Queen.
Despite the blur you can see the state of disarray in our cabin and our damp gear that took a couple days to fully dry out.

We found some good
food, dreamed about which of the little cottages we would buy if we could, and
I got to indulge in the store browsing I was promised as my reward for
suffering through the journey here. For the first time we actually restrained
ourselves and stuck to our budget. And again as promised, we sat for awhile in
a coffee shop which is why you are able to read this right now.

On Saturday, Jody,
Adam, Pearl, and Isaac, Jon’s sister and her family, made the trip out to Cape
Cod to visit us for the weekend and together we strolled down the beaches and
streets that had become increasingly crowded for the weekend. On Sunday the clouds
disappeared and we were grateful for a beautiful day for a quick sail, lunch on
the boat, and beachcombing on Long Point.

 Jon made six dinghy trips to get the six of us to the beach and back!

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