Before we left for Palm Beach, we spent some time at an anchorage north of St. Augustine to get some work done on the boat while we waited for good weather.

 Jon trying unsuccessfully to get to shore through the mud at low tide.
 I am too excited not to be wearing a winter hat to care about looking like a normal person.
 Jon’s first catch. He decided it wasn’t big enough to justify killing for our dinner 
so it was given a pardon.
 We finally remembered to take a photo while Jon reattached the engine 
mounts and changed the oil. Looks like tons of fun, right?
 We bought a couple of jerry cans to allow us to carry twice as much fuel;
just in case we have to motor for 48 hours again.
Jon is also working on a way to strap our extra fuel to the side deck instead of inside the cockpit where they get in the way.

Before we left our anchorage in North Palm Beach in favor of West Palm Beach, Jon jumped over the side, taking advantage of the clear water to scrub our hull and remove barnacles from the propeller. What have I been doing while Jon is working so hard? Umm, I sewed a custom fitted sheet for our bed…and I put away our winter clothing…and one day I just painted. All day. I probably also cooked for us.

We think this might be the spot rumored to be a convenient (and so very scenic!) place to land one’s dinghy. You’ll notice there is a sign on the left. It says there is a $500 fine for fishing, loitering, docking, or generally being anywhere near this sign. So much for our day of errands. We walked to the nearby marine supply store to look around, then promptly headed back to our boat.

 One of approximately four sunken boats near our anchorage.
Even the birds know this boat is abandoned, so they eschew other boats and call this one home.
Another common sight: the thatched roof pontoon party boat.
The view from Riviera Beach.
 For the first time in my life, I’m spending my birthday in 80 degree heat and it is pretty rad.

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  1. Love the Lighted Boat and Sand tree. Yea for Jon's first catch and may the next one be worthy for a meal. Glad you were able to soak in some lovely Florida sunshine for your birthday.

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