A much more pleasant dinghy sail than the one you may have read about previously.
Walking the beach on the other side of Rock Sound after landing the dinghy.

Beach trash cabana on Surfer’s Beach in Eleuthera
mind is still boggled by the fact that the billions of tiny shells that
cover this beach were once billions of living creatures.
Entertaining myself while Jon waits for good waves
Abandoned silo on Eleuthera
Walking the rather dangerous highway before we were picked up by Anji & Chad! That giant bag would be Jon’s surfboard.

Barely visible is a tiny channel between cliffs and we’re about to pass through it to Hatchet Bay.

Here we go.
Made it!
Jon loves Cacti

Goats! On their way to pick up the latest fashions.

Pretty sure this is not a poisonwood tree.

Thinking about snagging some bananas, but they were heavily guarded by wasps.
Road to Hatchet Bay Caves

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