Another view of the sunrise as we sailed toward our first stop at Great Sale in the Abacos.

The short-lived wing and wing stretch of our sailboat race to Green Turtle to check in with Customs and Immigration.
Godspeed in the lead
Pallid bust of Pallas
Jon meets a historical figure from Green Turtle
A motherload of sea glass covering one of the graves in the cemetery.
Lovely roads
The beach outside of Nippers, a bar we definitely would have patronized on Great Guana Cay, had it not been so cold that day.
My first Bahamian beer.                  

Trying to imagine myself in a Sandals commercial, again.

Our boat outside of Hope Town on Elbow Cay. Our depth sounder was showing 4 foot depths as we left, and our draft is 5,  yet we didn’t seem to be touching the bottom.
A remarkably large sail on a very crowded little boat. The boom would actually be underwater part of the time.
A friendly neighborhood ray in Hope Town
Climbing the Hope Town lighthouse.

The view from the top

Learning about local hazards: The Poisonwood Tree.

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