After our beautiful sail to Calabash Bay, across the Exuma Sound from Georgetown near the tip of Long Island, we went to bed full of fish filets, fish tacos, and ceviche. In the morning we got the boat ready and set out into the Atlantic with no clear destination. We had hopes of making whatever southeasterly progress we could and were prepared to stay out overnight if we got lucky with the right conditions. But we had little reason to hope based on the forecast, and as expected, going the right direction would mean motoring painfully slowly into the wind and bashing into the waves. We tried for Rum Cay, but the point of sail that was working best for us was leading straight to Conception, so that is where we went.
Conception is a small island of only six square miles and is a nature preserve. After we anchored and hauled the dinghy off deck we spent the very hot afternoon wandering up and down the beaches on each side of the island, with sand that felt like sifted flour under our feet. I found a good spot for beach yoga while Jon went running down the beach and climbed to the top of a cliff. In the morning we would try again for Rum Cay.



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