Days 2, 3 and 6 of our little road trip were spent in Rincon, and two of those days ended at the Rincon Beer Company where we had our first good beer since Florida. Jon rented a long board and had much more success riding a few waves before switching back to the biggest-size-that-fits-in-the-boat shortboard. I paddled out for awhile one day to try the longboard but only managed to get to my knees. Try as we might to get there early to catch the best waves and the 9am yoga class, we never quite managed it with the 2.5+ hour drive. I did get to catch the 12pm class one day, and very much enjoyed the outdoor space with views and sounds of the waves. One day I saw a whale breaching off in the distance in the Mona Passage while Jon was in the water.

Jon is out there somewhere.
There he is, paddling away.
On our way to Rincon we passed by Yauco. We did buy some coffee, but have yet to try it. All the houses on the hill were so colorful, but this picture doesn’t really do it justice.

On day 4 we drove to San Sebastian to visit Gozalandia waterfall. There were a bunch of people there, some jumping from the waterfall or just swimming in the pool. We decided we had jumped from enough waterfalls in the DR to skip this one, but we did swim around for a bit.

I photoshopped eight people out of this photo so we can pretend we were there by ourselves. Um, that’s normal, right?

Next we high-tailed it through some very pretty mountains on some very windy narrow roads to Arecibo Observatory to see the Largest Radiotelescope on Earth! It was really big. I think we would’ve enjoyed it more if we’d paid $4 each instead of $10.


I find this to be a strange rule for an outdoor space…

…but maybe I was just annoyed that the security guard made me walk back to the car to re-park so that I was backed into the parking space. Why? If only there were that much concern for the crazy driving we witnessed everyday on the highway, including a car driving the wrong way on the three-lane road, almost into a cop, who did not turn around and give chase.

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