Boats in Luperon. Our dinghy will look a little more at home here than she did in the Bahamas.

Bobbie, after her makeover. Still afloat!
Motorcycle #1. It handled the dirt roads well enough, but we started to think it might not be a great idea to venture too far when the chain started falling off and then the clutch quit working.
$2 for a giant beer to share. This is the short story of how we fell in love with Luperon.
You never know what you’re going to see around the next curve in the road.
Luckily this car cleared a path for us.

Just a girl, running through her field, whipping some livestock. (She might not have had a whip actually. But I know I saw one somewhere.)
Some lovely murals at the museum La Isabela.
Wait, what is going on with this one?
Cows having a relaxing day at the beach.
One of many brightly painted houses along the country road.
Motorcycles and a motoconcho in Samana. We rode in one to get diesel back to the boat.


Look, we made a friend.
And we’re off to the next island.

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