We left St. John and arrived in the British Virgin Islands on May 13th. We spent two nights in a very protected anchorage in Road Town on Tortola where we walked around town, visited the botanic gardens, and readied the boat to venture further afield. We had good weather to cross the Anegada passage, so after a quick stop at the baths in Virgin Gorda we were back out on the open ocean.

All these identical charter boats somehow remind me of the suburbs. Little boxes made of ticky-tacky?

Rowing around near Road Town.

Since the captain’s hat belongs to Jon, I can at least wear a crown.

Botanic Gardens

This slip was the only spot available for us to take on fuel and water. We were there in the middle of a boat show, apparently. Everyone passing by commented on how adorable our tiny boat is.
As soon as we anchored near the baths for the night, the gear shifter broke. But as with seemingly everything else Jon found a way to patch it back together and it’s still holding for now.
Excellent snorkeling near the baths.

The Baths are formed by granite boulders along the shore of Virgin Gorda. Water flows in between them all creating a path of pools to swim through and climb to. We got there early in the morning and were able to walk through mostly by ourselves, but a line of people were headed in as we swam back to our boat. 

There’s no really reason why snorkeling and yoga can’t go together.

Crazy patterns in the dome above us.

I love watching schools of these fish. Someone please tell me what they are, parrot fish?
Here are the same fish hanging out under our boat, perpetually in need of another hull scraping.

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