We had heard great things about the French islands, and our first, Guadeloupe, did not disappoint. Our first stop was Deshaies. Even though we don’t speak French (despite the fact that we both took a few years in high school) we enjoyed that no one really spoke English. Our first stop after checking in was the botanic garden. Though it wasn’t the biggest we’ve ever visited, it just might be the best. It’s hard to beat waterfalls, flamingos, and parrots.

Almost as soon as we entered the aviary, Jon made a friend. One of the parrots tried to make friends with me, but I suddenly remembered my phobia of all things flying at my head and high-tailed it out of there right after I snapped these photos.








After a couple of days in Deshaies we continued down the coast to Pigeon Island, where we anchored in time to enjoy some of the best snorkeling yet. We took tons of videos of turtles, fish, and reef life, but no photos; so evidence will come later. The next morning we crossed over to The Saints to spend the day before checking out of the country in the morning.

The view of our anchorage from the botanic garden.
The usual morning wake up call of roosters crowing was nicely enhanced by the sound of church bells.
Jon decided to take a dip while wearing his clothes since it had been awhile since we’d done laundry.
It was a good day for a scramble up the Deshaies River.
Downtown Bourg Des Saintes on Terre d’en Haut.
I ordered a petit punch thinking it would be like rum punch. Nope, it’s just a big glass of rum with a squeeze of lime and a teaspoon of sugar. Jon finished his beer long before I was able to empty my glass. But it was all well and good because free wifi.
$2.50 bottle of wine, $1 baguette. We could stay here forever.
And there are enough delicious pastries to fill an hour lesson on French pronunciation.
Sunset near Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe

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