After spending an entire summer sailing around Maine and then down the East Coast we finally saw our first whale when leaving the Dominican Republic. Then while crossing the Mona Passage the massive tale of a humpback lifted out of the water about 200 feet to our port. We saw several more humpback whales in the distance while sailing around Puerto Rico.


The closest encounter occurred while crossing from Culebra to St. Thomas near Sail Rock.

We had seen some whales blowing quite far from the boat when suddenly a humpback jumped completely out of the water not more than a few boat lengths directly off our bow. The entire whale – from the tip of its tale to its head – was out of the water hanging in the air for a moment directly in front of Baby Blue, making for a surreal visual. While this was an amazing sight, it also made me a bit nervous to have such a massive creature leaping out of the water near our little boat. I started the engine just to make sure the whales knew we were there and hopefully would not leap onto our boat as the flying fish sometimes like to do.

I wish we had been able to capture this on film but Ashley was able to do the next best thing and made this very accurate and realistic reenactment.

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