Yep, that’s Bobbie with her tiny new motor. I wouldn’t say we finally broke down and bought an engine, as it has been pretty easy to row to shore from our prime spot in Mt. Hartman Bay in Grenada. But when we heard someone on the morning net offering up a 2 horsepower 2-stroke for a decent price we decided to jump on it.

Now we’ll have an easier time making it to shore if we end up at the back of the fleet on our way up island, and we’ll be able to check out all those far flung snorkeling sites. Hopefully when the novelty wears off we’ll continue to row occasionally – you know, to prevent any loss of muscle tone – but right now we’re highly enjoying zipping around (still slower than everyone else).

2 thoughts on “Motorin!”

  1. Hey just catching up after stumbling across your youtube feed and then your blog. If you guys are down in Grenada, you should see if you can hook up the the guys from Zero to Cruising who are down there outfitting their new boat before sailing off to Patagonia. They did the same thing you guys have just done so might have some helpful advice at least. Anyways I'm enjoying catching up.


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