We add a shed to the front of the tiny house, rough in our electrical wiring, and get most of the siding in place. Progress has slowed down a bit, partly because we spent over a month traveling around taking care of non-tiny-house-related business. That means we have a cold month ahead of us as we try to complete the project as a Christmas present to ourselves!

We’re looking forward to getting the siding completed and the insulation in so we can start working on more exciting things – inside the house!

2 thoughts on “Tiny House Travels: Rough Draft (Episode 3)”

  1. You two are awesome. Ron and I love watching your progress. The video was a lot of fun to watch. We are looking forward to watching your progress. We wish you the best of luck. Deb and Ron.

    1. Thanks guys! We’ve been enjoying your ICW pics and wishing we were moving toward warmth as well! Have a great time in the Bahamas!!

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