The tiny house is finally finished and we’re ready to make our move south! As with any home project, we still have a few finishing touches we’d like to add at some point, but it’s complete enough for us to start living in it. So far, we’ve managed to find a place for just about everything we need. Some of our storage solutions aren’t exactly ideal, like the two surfboards on the ceiling and all the tools in the back of the truck, but it will work temporarily.

We’ll post a video tour and a breakdown of our expenses and final cost as soon as we get a chance. For now, we’re working on securing everything so we can hit the road tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “The Tiny House is Done!”

  1. Soooo Much hard work really pays off, Your Tiny House is just awesome. Enjoy your next adventure, Love you both

  2. WOW .. Pictures look great .. Congratulations! Loved your sailing travels and now enjoying the alternative lifestyle adventure. You together-ness is cool and inspiring. Just wish I could park a ‘tiny house’ at the corner of San Vicente and Bundy in LA. Good luck. I look forward to updates.

    1. Thank you! We wish the house were a little less cumbersome so we could park it absolutely anywhere as well! But our little spot in the mountains will be pretty sweet too. 🙂

  3. Looks absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to more posts from you guys on FB. Still rewatching episodes of Sailing Baby Blue! Thanks for all your sharing and entertaining!

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