We were both living in Denver when we met in 2008. Exactly two years from our first date, we got married. You can read about our wedding here, because it just so happens that we were already planning to go cruising and had started a blog to track our progress.

After five more years, we had completely remodeled our 1920s bungalow and were ready to sell the house to fund our trip. We also sold just about everything inside the house. Then we packed up whatever would fit in our car and set out to find the perfect cruising boat, which turned out to be Baby Blue. We sailed from Maine to Grenada (an island in the Caribbean just 100 miles shy of South America) and back over two years.

sailing the caribbean

We loved the experience of simplifying our lives and being able to take our home with us on our travels. When we returned to land, we decided to go through with another idea that had been brewing in the back of Jon’s mind for a long time: building a tiny house.

We’re building the house ourselves with the remaining funds we had set aside for after our cruise. Our goal is to continue living debt-free and to keep our commitments light while we figure out where life will take us next.